• Wiggle Free, Worry Free Changing Pad.

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Wiggle Free, Worry Free Changing Pad.

For your wiggly baby during changing time

The PooPoose is a high-quality hypoallergenic diaper changing pad that makes changing diapers easier, cleaner, and most importantly safer. Unlike other changing pads on the market, our design is based on a current medical device which keeps moving babies still, freeing up an extra hand during diapering and giving you piece of mind.

Our Story

How it Works

The PooPoose™ Diaper Changing Pad is the only changing pad on the market designed to make changing diapers easier and safer. The PooPoose’s patented technology is inspired by a medical device designed to safely immobilize children.

Our Mission

"Out of all the baby products we have used, this is probably one of the best investments we’ve made. Once our baby started turning, crawling, and standing, it became so difficult to keep her still. Even 2 people holding her is not enough. This item makes it feel like having more than 4 hands."

- Jackie