Top 5 Features to Look for in a Diaper Changing Pad

Changing your little ones’ diapers is an inevitable part of having a baby. While initially, a diaper changing pad may seem unnecessary to some parents, seasoned parents will better be able to tell you how having a separate space for changing diapers will make your life easier. Having a diaper changing pad not only benefits you but it will also help in keeping your child safe, comfortable, fresh and secured during those diaper changes. 

Changing pads come in various shapes but they generally look like a rectangular foam mattress with deep sides. You either attach these to a changing table or keep them on the floor or bed while you are changing a diaper. 

Like all other things, changing pads also come in various sizes, colors, materials and prices. Keep its size in your mind and then buy a cover so that the cover is of the same size as the pad. Some changing pads are water-resistant and would require a cover, while others are waterproof and won’t require protection.

Is Changing Pad Necessary?

When you become parents, your little one will be needing thousands of diaper changes. Since there is no specific time to change diapers, there will be various places where you will be forced to change your baby’s diaper and many of these will be gross. Along with the wall-mounted tables installed in various shopping malls that seem like they have not been cleaned for years, you will also find extremely dirty changing stations at gas stations and restaurants. 

Along with keeping your child comfortable and safe, changing pads are necessary as they make the diaper changing process less messy. It will also help you in catching accidents and cleaning up.

Since you cannot control when your baby does their business, it is essential that you keep yourself prepared to change a diaper. This is when a baby changing pad comes into play. Even though there are various types of changing pads available in the market, it is essential that you choose the one that has useful features.

5 Features To Look For In A Diaper Changing Pad

There are various types of diaper changing pads available for customers. All of them come in different sizes, colors and price ranges. Similarly, all of them have different features. However, there are some features that are essential and should be present in the baby changing pad that you choose. Following are 5 top features to look for when you are buying a diaper changing pad:

1. Waterproof Protection

A waterproof surface that allows easy cleaning is a significant part of any changing pad. Diaper changing is mostly a messy experience and having a 100% waterproof  cover will stop the liquid from seeping into the pad. This will also prevent mildew and mold. To increase protection, make sure you use waterproof multi-use pads that add softness. These pads are easily washable as well. 

2. Contoured Design

Changing pads that have contoured sides make it easy for parents to change the diaper as well as they provide a comfortable surface for toddlers and infants. Some changing pads come with a 3-sided design that consists of extra cushioning at the top which helps parents in protecting the baby’s head.  Despite having a different design, these pads go well with most changing pad covers available in the market.  

3. Safety Straps

Some changing pads come with straps while others don’t. Whenever you are buying a baby changing pad make sure you buy the one that has safety straps. There are two types of safety straps. One of them is a buckle which keeps the baby safe while the other one is an anchoring strap that helps in attaching the changing pad to the wall, dresser or changing table. Make sure you use these straps every time.

4. Non-skid Bottoms

Babies wiggle and move alot when you are trying to change their diapers. This could be dangerous if you are using a table that is high. Having a changing pad that has a non-skid bottom will make the task easier and will keep your baby safe. It will also facilitate you in changing the diaper if your changing pad does not have safety straps.

5. Portability

Another important feature that you should consider when buying baby changing pads is that they should be portable. These pads should be foldable so that you can easily carry them wherever you are going. A lightweight and foldable baby changing pad will make the diaper changing process easier. 

It is essential that you prioritize your child’s comfort. Having a baby changing pad will not only make your child feel safe but it will also make him feel comfortable and fresh. 

If you are planning on buying a baby changing pad then we suggest you have a look at this article first. It has the top 5 features you should consider when buying a diaper changing pad.

If you are planning on buying a baby changing pad then we suggest you have a look at this article first. It has the top 5 features you should consider when buying a diaper changing pad.