About Us

Piccolino, Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality diaper changing pads and accessories. Piccolino, Inc manufactures the PooPoose™ Diaper Changing Pad, the only changing pad on the market designed to make changing diapers easier and safer. The PooPoose’s patented technology is inspired by a medical device designed to safely immobilize children. Founded in 2012, Piccolino, Inc. is family owned and operated from Hinsdale, IL.  

Dana Fort, DDS- Founder, CEO, and Mom 


Dana is a graduate of Northwestern University and the University of Illinois College of Dentistry. Dana is a general dentist with a background in public health and dental research who maintains a private practice in Chicago and Hinsdale, Illinois. Dana developed the PooPoose after struggling to diaper her wiggly 6 month old daughter. Inspired by the medical papoose board used in dentistry and medicine to safely immobilize children, Dana developed the PooPoose to gently secure infants during diapering. Since the launch of Piccolino, Inc., Dana has become the mother of four young children, including 2 girls and 2 boys.



Brian Fort, PharmD, MD- Founder, CFO, and Dad

Brian is a graduate of Purdue University and the University of Illinois College of Medicine. Brian is an emergency medicine physician in Chicago, IL.  He has worked in trauma centers throughout the Chicago area. His previous life included being a clinical pharmacist at the University of Chicago Medical Center and an elite triathlete on Team USA. Brian helped launch Piccolino, Inc. after seeing many infants in the ER suffer traumatic falls from furniture such as changing pads. Brian is a proud dad of two girls and two boys who seem to be following in his very active footsteps.